How Much Does A Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

If you take statistics on where most time is spent in a home, you’ll notice for the majority of households, most time is spent in the kitchen or in the bedroom.  As such, if you visit a typical American home, most kitchens within these homes need some type of kitchen remodeling.  The reason most households do not upgrade or remodel their kitchen and counter tops is because of the cost involved.  Many Americans believe it takes a lot of capital to remodel a kitchen.  There are of course tips and tricks to save and not get to crazy on a kitchen remodel.  Check out this article from the online publication TODAY:

While no renovation adds as much equity to your home or is likely to be more enjoyed, kitchen remodel costs can get out of control quickly. When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, check out where experts suggest splurging — and where you can cut some corners.


“When remodeling a kitchen, the number one splurge you should make is countertops. They’re the first thing people see,” said contractor John DeSilvia, host of DIY Network’s “Under Construction” and “10 Grand in Your Hand.”

Karen Williams, a designer and kitchen specialist and principal of the boutique design studio St. Charles of New York, agrees. “Exotic surfaces make a big first impression and can set the tone of the space,” she said. A kitchen island, in particular, deserves the splurge. As the gathering and entertaining hub in most kitchens, it’s highly visible and utilized. So top it with something special — calacatta marble, quartz or gorgeous lava stone, for example — and cut back on out-of-the-way prep areas if your budget is limited.


Although there’s definitely a case to be made for investing in the best cabinets you can afford — they consume more than 75 percent of your kitchen space, after all — the savings potential is just too great to ignore. Custom cabinets for a standard-sized kitchen can cost upwards of $40,000, whereas ready-to-assemble cabinets from IKEA look amazing for a fraction of the price, says DeSilvia. That’s a savings of $36,000.

Willing to split the difference? Add custom doors and side panels to basic IKEA cabinet boxes, suggests Amy Shakespeare, owner of the New York City-based firm Redtop Architects, or add flair with Panyl panels, an affordable way to give your cabinets a one-of-a-kind look.

Kitchen renovation and remodel tips
The kitchen island is often the first thing you see.Getty Images


Spring for bling! “You need just a few high-quality pieces for cabinetry to add the finishing touch — almost like jewelry adds to a fashion wardrobe. Every day, it’s in your hands so it needs to have a nice touch to it,” said Williams, who is partial to polished nickel and soft satin brass, which suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. Better hardware also stands up to daily use and abuse. “You don’t want the finish rubbing off.”

Formliners Are The How Concrete Patterns Are Created

Every wonder how texture is added to walls, concrete blocks on the side of feeder road walls, monumental structures?  I used to think a giant router was used to sculpt these patterns into stone blocks.  But in reality, a giant mold known as a formliner is actually used to design these patterns.  The Manila Times explains in the following article, how these patterns are achieved:

ADD textures to your wall.

Concrete network

Concrete is an important construction material used extensively in roads, bridges, dams and building. It was first used by Romans and later on, the Colosseum was built. Three hundred years have passed and concrete has become the most commonly man-made material in the world.

and architects in laying polished concrete floors with varieties of finishes and designing façades and walls. Through the use of elastic form liners, concrete surfaces can be patterned and textured to achieve design requirements and reproduce fine, delicate and complicated details in walls.

By definition, a form liner is any sheet, layer or plate material that imparts a texture to the surface of the concrete and a preparation of designs on concrete walls.

In other countries, concrete wall designs became one of the highlights on the road. And these structures are molded into concrete, provided a lasting, permanent and picturesque display to be enjoyed.

An example is the Pima Freeway in Scottsdale, Arizona that exhibits an 8-mile long images of desert flora and fauna. A roadside mural presenting a visual history of native species and its geography.

Make your own

These customized form liners, allow contractors, designers, planners and architects to achieve an ever widening variety of architectural finishes.

If you want to read the full article, visit the link at the beginning of the article.   It is definitely interesting to note how these formliners are actually created.  Now that you know, hopefully you’ll appreciate more the designs and patterns you see when driving on the feeder road of your favorite highway.