10 Reasons Your Mortgage Company Will Benefit From A CRM

Here are 10 powerful reasons your mortgage company needs a CRM program and how your company will benefit:

Get The Complete Picture – Instead of wondering how your business is performing, you will know the facts. A CRM program lets you see all the details of leads, sales, and your project funnel.

Better Planning and Scheduling – Instead of working aimlessly and taking care of what comes up, you are focused and on-task the entire day. You are able to plan your days and get more done.

Improves Customer Relationships – You never forget an important call when you use a CRM. You are reminded to make the call, so you always call when you promised. Your customers will appreciate your professionalism. You can get reminders for phone calls, meetings, and even when you need to send follow-up emails.

Instant Reports – How much time do you spend gathering information to create sales and business reports now? With just a couple clicks of your mouse, you can have the report pulled up on your computer and print it out. Instant information lets you make better decisions.

Make Fewer Mistakes – How many people work with the same client? Using CRM lets everyone stay in the loop. They can see when the last call was made, what information was shared, and what needs to be done before they make a mistake. When everyone is on the same page, fewer mistakes happen.

Contact History – Have you ever wondered if your clients are being contacted often enough? Detailed contact history reports let you see which clients are not being contacted frequently enough and fix the problem quickly.

Unlock The Mystery Of Your Clients Desires – When you use a CRM program, you can track the progress of a lead. You can visually see them step from a cold lead to a potential client, then a purchasing client, and finally one of your most valuable clients who trust and recommend you. This detailed information lets you know how to deal with the client and helps you determine what other products and services you should offer them.

Re-Activate Dormant Customers and Leads – Do you know which customers have quit calling and buying? With your CRM program, you will know in an instant. You can use the tools in your CRM to make a new contact, find out what has changed, and reactivate them into buying customers.

Break Down Opportunities Based On The Criteria You Want – Would you like a report on which customers have offices in a certain area? Do you need to know more about clients who meet certain demographics? What about clients who are in the same stage of the sales process? A CRM allows you to get information based on any criteria so you can plan marketing, sales processes, and schedule your time effectively.

Saves Your Company Money – Yes, your CRM system has an up-front cost, but it will quickly provide an ROI that offsets that cost. Your sales and marketing efforts will be more effective. You will reduce lost clients. You may need less staff to accomplish the same tasks. You will produce more results. It will become one of your most valuable tools.

To get the most benefits, you need the right CRM for your company. Unify CRM prides ourselves on offering a comprehensive CRM system which provides a complete solution for your needs. We back it up with exceptional service, so you can get the answers you need.